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About the Project

In this mini-unit, you will work in groups to pull important information from sources, synthesize that information, and present your findings to your classmates. Each group will be assigned to do this for one key figure from our history: a "mover and shaker" who helped change society.

Resources for All Groups

For the final product, you and your group members must synthesize information from the sources provided to create a PowerPoint (or a similar presentation format) that includes the following elements:

- A thesis statement about your Mover and Shaker, especially relating to how media and/ or communication played a role (positively or negatively) in the person's ability to change society.

- Slides with bullet points of information from the various sources, organized into subtopics that you would include if you were actually writing a paper on this person. These bullet points must use correct APA citation. The content and order of the subtopics' slides must reflect the thesis statement.

- Each student in the group is responsible for pulling and including information from at least one of the provided sources to include in the powerpoint, but the group will have to work together to develop the content.

In addition to the media and/ or communication angle, your group could consider including some or all of the following subtopics: 

- Background information on the person (more than what is given as the brief introduction to the person on this Libguide)
- Information on the issue the person was fighting against and why was it such a big deal
- The consequences/ results of this person’s action on the issue/ on American society
- The method of change (Court case? Law? Or something less “official”?)
- Current status of or ideas about the issue
- Speculation on how different types of media that we have now but that were unavailable at that time could have changed/ affected the situation

The final product's grade will also be influenced by the effort put into the presentation, including but not limited to animations/ transitions, design and visual aids.


Reflection on Project

After completing research on your Mover and Shaker and after learning about the other Movers and Shakers from your classmates, how do you feel about the overall role media and/ or communication plays in social change?


Reflection on Skills

After completing this project, please choose the option that best matches your comfort level with the associated skills.


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